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The way out

Room installation | Umspannwerk Etzdorf | April 2024

We all dance with it in some form or another – negative self-talk. It circles relentlessly, like a haunting melody echoing through the corridors of our minds. 


Dark cascades of thoughts spiral endlessly, leading us down a labyrinthine path into the depths of despair. We find ourselves isolated, surrounded by mocking shadows, like sinister harlequins. The ego revels in this carousel of thoughts, coaxing us to stay aboard, to indulge in the endless cycle of self-doubt. 


It thrives on our distractions, urging us to deflect the pain onto others. But there is another way. Simply sit in quiet contemplation, observe the tumult within, and allow yourself to feel it completely. This is the path to liberation. As you confront those demons that have silently shadowed your steps for eternity, they rage and scream, urging you to flee. 


Yet, in your stillness, you find strength. In the midst of the chaos, you discover a newfound resilience. And as the voices fade into oblivion, you emerge, ever so slightly stronger and more serene, ready to face the next cycle with unwavering resolve.

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