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Commissioned artwork for ifa | Bikini Berlin | June 2024

"A dancing vortex that draws you ever deeper within. It manifests in myriad shapes and colors, guided by a bizarre, unpredictable algorithm. Vibrant masks are put on, and one is swept away in the maelstrom of modern technology. Time and reality disintegrate, revealing endless new wonders to explore."

This project is a commissioned artpiece for ifa

(Internationale Funkausstellung). The topic was given and so was the frame of two 150 x 150 cm boards that create a three dimensional space to work.


I decided to do a combination out of sculptural objects and anamorphic painting in vibrant colours and tasty shapes. I wanted it to become a mesmerizing, addictive vortex that sucks you right in and makes you want to go deeper and deeper.

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